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What we can offer you

We offer a Broad Range of Law Services

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

Corporate Law

CL also handles business affairs, but it is more concerned with day-to-day, typical practices.

Industrial Law

Industrial Law relates to the laws governing industrial enterprises.

Real Estate Law

Consultancy and Assistance in Broad Spectrum in Buying And Selling Of Immovable Properties & Real Estate

Intellectual Property

Trade Mark/Domain Name Online Registration & Filing. Trade Mark Dispute Resolution.

Tax Law

Tax law is complex and always evolving, so it is an exciting practice area to enter.

International Trade

Foreign Company Incorporation and Company Secretarial Support Services.

Family Law

Court Marriages, Dissolution of Marriages Cases, Settlement of Matrimonial Issues.

Civil Law

Advisory & Litigation Services in Property Law, Family Law Disputes Resolution & Litigation.

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