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“they are professional, responsive and above all passionate about their work.”

Khurram Aftab | CEO Dynamic Links Corporation

“I would say I was utterly hopeless and they did it. They are relentless in their efforts to save their client from injustice. They are impressively law-knowing and professional.”

Dr Fahim Abbasi | PhD in Cyber Security Overseas Pakistani (Lives in New Zealand)

“I found Mr. Khurram Abbas and his team prepared for anything that could come their way during my litigation regarding my property in Pakistan.”

Dr Arsala Mansoor | PhD in Bio-Chemistry Overseas Pakistani (Lives in United States of America)

“They are focused, target-oriented and very high ethically. Throughout my tenure at the Association, I did not need any other lawyer.”

Shahid Mehmud | CEO Estate Planners Lahore

“Corporate Lines give the attention you deserved in legally troubled circumstances and does it with empathy and compassion.”

Amjad Wattoo | Partner Q-Links Builders 7 Developers

“I would say one word for Mr. Khurram Abbas…. ‘trustwordy’.

Syed Samar Abbas | CEO Palm Springs (Pvt) Ltd

“They are Transparent, Prompt and friendly.”

Ilyas Majeed Sheikh | Chairman Eagle Group of Companies

“…my taxation and labour disputes, both with government departments, have been handled so meticulously and well-rounded competence, that a sense of self-confidence as to the correctness in legal compliances has prevailed in my daily business operations.”

Shahid Mehmud Dogar | CEO Dogar Publishers

“Mr. Khurram Abbas conducted my insurance claim case in High Court. After tiring proceedings and tenacious follow up by my lawyer, Mr. Khurram, the case was decided in my favour. I have seen him working so well on each and every detail of the case. In fact, he made my case so easy to understand for the judge. He is excellent.”

Syed Ehtesham Gilani | CEO Cosmopolitan Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

“….. his [Mr. Khurram’s] work ethic, proactive communication and concentration on details make him an unparallel lawyer.”

Khalid Mehmood | Managing Partner Forecasters Real Estate DHA Lahore

“I am deeply satisfied that there is somebody to effectively protect my properties and my commercial interests in Pakistan from any illegality or unjust adventurism.”

Ibrahim ul Huda | Overseas Pakistani (Lives in Canada)

“The strategic guidance provided by Mr. Khurram Abbas resulted in a swift and substantial settlement of my industrial property dispute”

Dr. Saleh Mehmood | CEO Moreno Iglesias Research laboratory (Pvt) Ltd

‘Their honesty and competence has always impressed me”

Kashif Anwar | Director AMK Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

“They are accomplished commercial lawyers whose advise I am happy to rely and act upon.”

Dr. Muhammad Arshad | CEO Aslam Superstore (Pvt) Ltd

“…. their depth of competence in business law and international trade disputes is invaluable”

Maciej Gabryelski | Director RS Gloves Company Poland

‘…fully equipped with all the skills and capabilities of good commercial lawyers…”

Sheikh Muhammad Asif | CEO AMK Engineering (Pvt)

“Whenever consulted, he [Mr. Khurram Abbas] responded us fairly and comprehensively. His modus operandi is incredibly professional.”

Maj (r) Rafique Hasrat | CEO National Estate

“…always found him [Khurram Abbas] thoroughly professional lawyer committed to his work.’’

Irfan Qaisar Sheikh | Director Qaisar LG-Petro Chemicals (Pvt)

“their professional abilities are beyond any doubt”

Maj (r) Javed Zamir | CEO Askari Estate DHA Lahore

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